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Awesome Star Wars Blog Award!


1. Post the Rules and the picture
2. Link back to and the person who gave you this award – Helen at Star Wars Here & There (thank you so much! =D)
3. Answer the questions
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The Questions:
1. When did you see Star Wars for the first time?
Oh, dear, I'm not actually sure when I first saw Star Wars! I think I was about thirteen or fourteen, so maybe  four or five years ago? Something like that.

2. Which movie did you see first?
Attack of the Clones (the Spike channel was showing it for their annual Force of July telethon).

3. Who is responsible for you seeing Star Wars?
Burger King, actually. And, no, I'm serious! They had a line of Star Wars toys in their kids' meals one summer, and the pictures on the cups looked so cool that I really wanted to watch the movies. I had heard about it before (I think that anyone who has lived after 1977 has at least subconsciously), but I didn't quite "become aware" of the saga until, well, Burger King.

4. What is the first Star Wars thing you owned?
My Darth Vader color lightsaber, later replaced by my Anakin Skywalker color-changing 'saber. Ahsoka's got my old one.

5. What made you become a fan?
I literally have no idea, but I think that the story was so cool, the characters were so realistic, everything about it (well, except for the Force) was so interesting and new. I have always been a Star Trek fan (like, literally since I was about three or four), but Star Wars was something totally unique and different from any other sci-fi story I had ever watched or seen. I guess that's what drew me in and didn't let go.

6. Why did you decide to blog about Star Wars?
Well, I had a blog on my online class's Forums site and when I decided to move it to Blogger I started thinking, "Hey, why not stick in a Star Wars component?" So I did, and it's worked out tremendously well!

7. Which movie is your favorite?
Attack of the Clones, followed closely by The Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope.

8. Who is you favourite character?
Captain Rex, Boba Fett, and likely every other Jango Fett clone ever to set foot in the galaxy (well, except for Slick, but he's a jerk....)

9. Favourite villian?
Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are tied for number one, but Darth Maul is also pretty awesome, as is Darth Nihilus.

10. What do you think of the Clone Wars cartoons?
While there are some episodes that are kind of dumb (then again, name one TV series that doesn't contain one dumb-er episode), the show overall is very good. It's one of my most favorite TV shows, and I am literally dying to see Season 5. Literally!

11. Which Star Wars book is your favorite?
The Republic Commando series by Karen Traviss is my number one favorite, but I also like Fatal Alliance and X-Wing: Mercy Kill.

12. If you could pick a group from Star Wars to be in (e.g. Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, Senators, etc.) which you choose?
If I could, I would most definitely be part of the Grand Army of the Republic so I could work with clone troopers, but I would also settle for Mandalorians.

13. Would you join the Rebel Legion/501st Legion if you had a costume and/or were the right age?
Oh, yes! Actually, I'm waiting for the 501st to get back with me on a few questions I had, and then I'm off to fill out my application! Captain Rex armor, here I come! =D

14. Have you ever been to a Star Wars Weekend or Celebration? If so, describe you experience there.
Unfortunately, no, but both are on my Bucket List!

15. Have you ever met any Star Wars people (actors, George Lucas, John Williams, etc.)?
Not yet, but I hope to someday!

16. Prequel Trilogy or Original Trilogy?
Prequel all the way!

17. Jedi or Sith?
Oh, dear. Can I say Dark Jedi? 'Cause I've got problems with both Jedi and Sith philosophy....

18. Do you read Star Wars Insider Magazine?
No, it's too expensive.

19. What is your favourite song/score from any of the six movies?
So many to choose from! I love "Duel of the Fates," "Battle of the Heroes," "Padme's Ruminations," "Scaling the Cliff," "Obi-Wan to the Rescue," "The Imperial March," and so many others!

20. Which character do you most identify with (not who is your favorite; who are you most like)?
Probably Anakin, but it kind of depends on the situation. When I'm with family and friends, I'm more like Anakin. But when I'm with strangers or in a more formal situation, I tend to act more like a clone trooper (saying "yes, sir" all the time and showing little emotion).

21. What is your favorite non-human species in Star Wars?

Twi'Leks are awesome, as are Pureblood Sith (who aren't acutally pureblood, but whatever...), Togrutas, and Gands. I've also started becoming more interested in Yuzhan Vong lately.

22. Do you think Padmé could possibly have been Force-sensitive?
Uh, no. Never occured to me.

23. Who is your favorite Expanded Universe character?

RC-1207 Sev most definitely! But all of Delta Squad is amazing (better than Omega, imho)!

24. What lightsaber is your favorite?

Probably Zayne Carrick's.

25. Do you speak/read/write any Star Wars languages (Basic, Huttese, Mando'a, etc.)?
Well, I definitely speak Basic (I'm still working on the Aurebesh, though). I can also speak some Mando'a and a little Huttese. Though most of what I can say in Mando'a are words I wouldn't ever say... I can swear fluently in Mando'a but I can't ask where the bathroom is. How does that work?? =D

26. Which lightsaber duel from the movies is your favorite?
Hmmm, probably Yoda vs. Count Dooku, but I'm not sure...

27. What creature is your favorite?
Tauntauns! And Banthas! And Nerfs! They're so fluffy, I'm gonna DIE!!

28. Which is your favorite costume?
I love clone and Mandalorian armor, but I would probably wear most of Padme's outfits (even the ones that look rather ridiculous).

29. What is your favorite Star Wars quote?
Oh, dear. Probably "Luke, I am you father," despite the fact that it's so cliche.

Oh, and also Luke's reply of "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Classic. *nods*

30. What is on your Star Wars wish list?
- Go to Star Wars weekends
- Go to all of the subsequent Star Wars Celebrations
- Go to Rancho Obi-Wan
- Join the 501st Legion
- Finish my Captain Rex costume for the 501st (which I haven't started yet...)
- Have a Star Wars movie marathon
- Meet Daniel Logan
- Meet George Lucas
- Meet and marry a guy who's a strong Christian and who is just as crazy about Star Wars as I am (wow, that really cuts down the playing field.... lol! XD)
- Add Star Wars clothes to my wardrobe (can you believe that I have nothing SW-y to wear??!!)
- (And this is purely wishful thinking on my part, buuuut) Maybe being able to work on the Star Wars: Underworld TV show or on the new Star Wars trilogy. That. Would. Be. So. EPIC!!!

And for some of my favorite pictures.....

I give this award to......... Stilwater/Cad Bane at In the Shade of my Wide-Brimmed Hat!
Thanks again for the award, Helen! You are awesome! =D
 - Edessa, signing off


  1. haha! You're welcome. I loved all your answers and pictures. What I really liked is your plan to marry a strong Christian who is absolutely crazy about Star Wars...you stole my plan!!! I've been planning to do that ever since I watched A New Hope for the first time. XD

  2. Love it:) Yes! I totally want to meet a strong christian guy who loves Star Wars as much as me!

  3. Thank you, Edessa! I will be posting my answers tomorrow! :D

  4. Ya know how it says "link back to___ and the person who gave it to you"? I'm the ____ somehow, Shena forgot to put me in there when she got the award from Solace.
    I really liked your answers, and the pictures =)
    Sometime I'm hoping to take up costuming and maybe start a blog about it.

  5. I love your answers! Burger King? That's odd :P
    It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! LOL Love that scene. I watched Despicable me on the theaters, which was one of my few remembered times at the movies.
    The teacher picture is really LOL


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