Name:  Edessa, which was inspired by a character of the same name from Dark Horse Comic's "Knights of the Old Republic" series.  She is also better known as Jarael.

Faith:  I am a strongly conservative Evangelical Free Christian, and I am extremely active in my church... missions committee member, audio/visual technician, youth group, you name it I probably do it.  I'm also a missionary kid, who lived in Europe for the first part of my life.

Education:  I attended public for a while and then switched over to homeschool in junior high.  I'm now going to a private Christian college, majoring in Communication with a Public Relations/Advertising/Graphic Design emphasis and minoring in Intercultural Studies.

After College:  I'm planning on working in public relations and/or advertising in the movie and/or video game industries, hopefully with BioWare, Disney, Warner Bros., and/or EA.  I would also like to work in game design (specifically MMO's) and write novels.

Free Time:  Spent writing, blogging, drawing, messing around on the internet, reading, playing video games, pinning, watching/studying movies, hanging out with friends, playing with my dog, and directing plays among a lot of other stuff.

Sports:  I'm not really a "sporty" type of person, but I do play airsoft with some buddies from my youth group.  Besides airsoft, I also figure skate in the winter and sometimes play tennis in the summer (my serve is a killer!) I've lately been getting into Ultimate Frisbee, too. I'm not great, but I will sit and strategize how to take you down. =D

Favorite Movie:  Lord of the Rings hands down, followed closely by The Hobbit and Star Wars (my two favorites are Attack of the Clones, and The Phantom Menace).

Favorite Book:  Besides the Bible, it would have to be Lord of the Rings again.  I also like Tarzan, Pride & Prejudice, Republic/Imperial Commando, Fatal Alliance, The Screwtape Letters, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Favorite Game:   Tie between Star Wars: The Old Republic (look me up on the Ebon Hawk server) and Lord of the Rings Online (Silverlode and Withywindle servers).  I also like LittleBigPlanet, LEGO Star Wars, and Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters.

Favorite Graphic Novel:  "Knights of the Old Republic" is amazing, as is the "Star Wars Tales" series (numbers 1, 3-6 are my favorites).  I also like "Batman: the Chalice" and "X-Men: Onslaught".

Random Facts:  My favorite color is black; my favorite animals are dogs and koalas; I can name and identify over 70 different clone troopers; I can recite all of the books in the Bible in under 30 seconds; I like to mess around with PowerPoint; I am a PC; I can recite the alphabet backwards; Ich spreche Deutsch, aber nicht fliessend; I've been teaching myself Mando'a ... and I'll probably think of a lot more later on. :D

There's more about me but I'll updates this page as I think of new things to put down, anyway that should be enough to satisfy your curiosity for now. :D


  1. Wow! all the books of the bible in under 30 seconds? thats impressive

  2. I can do em all in under 20. 15 at best. :P

  3. Someone else has black for a favorite color?!?!?! YES!!! I knew I wasn't the only one:)


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