Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Stuff That I Made, Just Because I Could....

Gaaah, I keep forgetting to post on HNED until somewhere between unconsciousness and REM sleep! At the moment I have to finish up an assignment for my Christianity 101 class and then run over to my wing's bi-monthly meeting, so I'll just post some pictures I made that mix both "Star Wars" and the song "Call Me Maybe" (which, for the record, I've never heard, but I've seen this done before so I figured I'd give it a shot).

Enjoy! Or be weirded out. Whichever floats your boat! =D




  1. haha! WOW! Those are funny! :D

  2. *cough* count yourself lucky that you've never heard the song, but you'll get the jokes better if you listen to it...=P

  3. You... never... heard... Call me Maybe? :O That song is awesome. Carly Rae Jesphen is a very talented singer! Might seem silly, but gotta love her!
    These are really hilarious! :D

  4. So funny! XD The first one creeped me out a bit, but in a hilarious sort of way.

  5. *evil laugh* i <3 that sith lord one! mwaaa haaaahaaahaaahaaa! and that last one about bounty hunters! *evil laugh*

  6. ROFL those made my day!!!!! So hilarious!


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