Friday, September 6, 2013

"RoboCop" Trailer

Hopefully you guys saw my last Tweet, which explained that I wasn't able to blog until now due to papers and other college stuff that needed dealing with.  Honestly, I was hoping that these first few weeks of college wouldn't be intensive, but that just doesn't happen when you're a Junior.  I'll be making adjustments to my schedule to accomodate for more homework time and less social time...but that's boring to talk about, so let's discuss something a whole lot cooler.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the upcoming RoboCop remake.  Now - a long time later - the first trailer for the film is now out.

The original RoboCop (made in the 80s) is a movie I've always wanted to see but haven't yet because of it's heavy violence and R rating.  Maybe I'll get around to seeing it sometime, but I'm really excited about this remake.  Not only are the special effects much better than in the original, but it's also being slated as much less violent than its three predecessors.

Just from watching the trailer, the film feels mostly like a generic blow-things-up-and-kill-things action feast.  Through all the explosions and gunfights, though, there are very important questions being asked:

Can a machine control a man?

Is a cyborg still human?

What happens to the rest of the family when the father is fused with a robot?

Hopefully the film will actually flesh out these questions and answer them well.  Too many action films start to ask good thought-provoking questions but then get distracted by really cool weapons, big explosions, and aliens.  With that kind of stereotype, I wonder how the new RoboCop will address particularly the issue of family.  Will they actually explore the situation in depth, or will they blow it off like a case of dynamite?

2014 will tell.

What do you think of the trailer?  Have you ever seen any of the three original RoboCop movies?  Do you have any hopes or fears for this remake?

Speaking of action movies, last Sunday I finally went to see Pacific Rim with two guy friends of mine.  Cutting to the chase, it was pretty epic and I loved it despite its generic moments.  I'd like to do a review of it, but I'm not sure exactly which way would be best.  This is where your opinion will be most invaluable to me

So would you guys prefer to have me write up a review of Pacific Rim, do a generic sort of audio review, or would you like to have me answer your questions about it (like how we did for The Hobbit: And Unexpected Journey)?  Or do you have another idea that you think would be a bazillion times better?

Either way, let me know what you think, and I'll get on that review ASAP.  Also, if you're interested in reading my earlier post about RoboCop, you can click here to check it out.

I think I want that robo-suit.

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. RoboCop first Trailer released know more visit

  2. I have to say that I am pleased with the trailer despite my original skepticism. Except for the actor playing RoboCop, I think the cast looks great.
    As for the original RoboCop movies, the first one has corny dialogue, but the action is cool (and gory) and the story in interesting. The sequels suck though.
    I hope you do well in college, I know it can be a real pain too keep good grades.


  3. Haha, I posted about this in my movie blog as well. I think the trailer looks amazing, but I love these kind of movies, so I will just have to see.

  4. Pacific Rim was a good movie, I saw it.


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