Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lost Planet 3

Ah, the first upcoming video game post of 2013. This will be a fun year... at least, if the movie and game lists have anything to say about it.

This week we're highlighting Lost Planet 3, the sequel to Lost Planet 2 which, in turn, was the sequel to Lost Planet. As though that was not very obvious... =)

Lost Planet is a sci-fi Action trilogy that takes place on the planet E.D.N. III.

And, of course, whenever a planet is called "Eden" it's always everything but a Garden of Eden.

Developed by Spark Unlimited and Capcom, and published by Capcom, "Lost Planet 3 introduces Jim, a rig pilot who leaves Earth to take on a hazardous but lucrative contract on E.D.N. III working for Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC.) NEVEC's existing Thermal Energy reserve is running low, and the fate of the Coronis mission depends on the natural source of the energy supply being located. Realizing the opportunity for a huge pay-off and early ticket home, Jim braves the risk of the treacherous enviroment and threat of the indigenous Akrid. Acting as a home away from home and boasting an array of tools that can assist Jim on the field, the utility rig provides Jim's safety and is essential for not only his contract work but also his protection against the ever-changing climate" (IGN).

It's basically a survival game. Stay alive long enough to get the rare whatever and try really, really hard not to get blasted or eaten alive or frozen to death in the proccess.

According to IGN, Lost Planet 3 is not only a survival game. It also serves a secret-leaking function, revealing "new truths about the forboding planet and the colonial history of E.D.N. III." Players are also warned that the climate conditions on E.D.N. III are much harsher than they were in the last two Lost Planet games.

But even with the harsher conditions, Lost Planet 3 has much to offer both new and returning gamers.

The game is a mixture of both first person combat within Jim's utility rig and third-person shooter when he's running around on the surface of the planet. The Akrid - E.D.N. III's original alien species - are also "bigger and angrier and demanding a more tactical approach during combat" (IGN). For those who don't like to solo, Lost Planet 3 also offers a wide assortment of different multiplayer modes. And since the game was developed using the Unreal Engine 3, you can expect that the cutscenes and the in-game graphics will be beautiful to behold.

Plus Jim looks like a mix between Tim Allen and Nicholas Cage. I kid you not. I leave it up to you to decide whether or not that's a good thing.

DISCLAIMER!: Lost Planet 3 has not yet been rated by the ESRB, though the target rating is T for Teen or above.

Lost Planet 3 will releasefor the XBox 360 on January 15th in the U.S. The exact date for the Australian, United Kingdom, and Japanese releases have not been confirmed yet, though it will also occur this January.

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. so much cool, futuristic-sounding stuff and the best name they could come up with was Jim. (no offense to anyone named Jim!!! :)

    Tim Allen AND Nicholas Cage? whoa. that looks really weird in my head.

  2. *googled the Jim* She's right. O_o He really does look like Tim Allen crossed with Nicholas Cage. =P


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