Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Argo" Claws Up To #1

I've been keeping track of the Box Office for a few years, and I can't ever recall reading about a film that didn't open as number one on the Top Ten list but then became number one a few weeks later.

That's why you really surprised me, Argo.

Argo, a based-on-a-true-story film about the six U.S. embassy workers who were rescued during the Iranian Hostage Crisis in '79, has already been in theaters for three weeks. It opened at #2 two weeks ago and managed to maintain that position until last Friday, when it grabbed the #1 spot with $12.4 million domestically. So far Argo has only made about $60.8 million total since its opening, but if a film can open low and then work its way up to the top I think that says something about it.

But while the guys at Warner Bros. (the production company that distributes Argo) are undoubtably pleased with their film, they're also less than thrilled with another one of their films, Cloud Atlas. That film didn't meet their opening weekend predictions, but from statements I've read Warner Bros. is still very confident that they'll be able to get a return on their $100 million investment.

According to the Star Tribune, "[Last weekend] was a soft weekend all around, though, with several newcomers opening poorly" with Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D, Fun Size, and Chasing Mavericks all opening very low. Part of that is undoubtably because of the World Series, but the other part is probably because of Hurricane Sandy, who's moving along the East Coast.

Paul Dergarabedian, a Hollywood.com box office analyst, also told the Star Tribune that "The whole marketplace felt more like September than October. Back in September, we had four down weekends in a row. There was no momentum in the marketplace. When a holdover is No. 1, it reflects a lack of strength in the marketplace. Every week should have a new movie topping the chart."

Looking ahead, I'm thinking that this weekend will give the Box Office its much-needed boost. I mean, Wreck-It Ralph, Skyfall, and Breaking Dawn Part Two are all opening this week. And Skyfall already opened in 25 countries last week with $77.7 million.

I'm still not sure who I think is going to grab the #1 spot, but I think I'm gonna put my money on Wreck-It Ralph. After all, both Skyfall and Breaking Dawn Part Two are PG-13, and even with all of their fans I don't think that either film will be able to bring in the crowds and the money like a animated family movie can. But that's just my prediction.

But if you can hold on to that #1 spot, Argo, then I'm not sure if that will encourage me or scare me.

Here are the estimated ticket sales from Friday October 26th through the 28th at U.S. and Canadian theaters (courtesy of the Star Tribune):

1. Argo - $12.4 million
2. Hotel Translyvania - $9.5 million
3. Cloud Atlas - $9.4 million
4. Paranormal Activity 4 - $8.7 million
5. Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D - $8 million
6. Taken 2 - $8 million
7. Here Comes the Boom - $5.5 million
8. Sinister - $5.07 million
9. Alex Cross - $5.05 million
10. Fun Size - $4.1 million

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. Please do one for next week! I have my money on Wreck-It Ralph. It just looks so good and add all these good video games characters together. I mean, you have Bowser, Dr. Robotnik (Eggman), Kato, Clyde, Q*bert, Sonic, and a bunch of references. I will probably go see it.

  2. Wreck-It Ralph is probably going to take it. I mean, it's a pixar movie about videogames. That appeals to a huge audience. I really want to go see it sometime... I'm really hoping it'll have a few characters in it (namely various Nintendo classics...including a certain ex-marine with a Chozo battle suit)


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