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Clone Wars Week: Top Ten Things I Want To See In Season 5

With Season 5 of The Clone Wars just around the corner, I'd like to introduce you to a very special week here at HNED.

Instead of writing according to my usual schedule, every post this week will be totally devoted to The Clone Wars. The posts will mainly be in "Top Ten" format, though I may include some other peices of news and such tidbits.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the Top Ten things I want to see in Season 5 of The Clone Wars...

10. Longer Story Arcs: Usually CW episodes are placed into trilogies, which is all well and good, but sometimes the stories they told would have been even better if they had devoted maybe four or five episodes to each story arc. Season 4 did introduce two four-episode-long arcs (Umbara and the Kenobi-undercover one), and I'm hoping that the Season 5 story arcs will not only be longer but that they'll also splice into each other as well.

9. Resolution For Darth Maul: Since the infamous Sith Lord returned "from the dead" in Season 4, I'm really excited to find out how it will end. Will Maul become disillusioned with the Sith and go into exile? Will he escape Darth Sidious's grasp and establish a Sith Academy on some distant planet (maybe Korriban or Dromund Kaas)? Will Savage kill him, or vice versa? Will Sidious kill him? Will Kenobi kill him "again?" Will he survive Season 5 and move onto 6, or does it all end here? There are a lot of possibilities, but I guess I trust the guys at Lucasfilm, Ltd., to make the right choice.

8. Stability For Ventress: After being denied the position of "official Sith apprentice" by Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress was almost assassinated by agents of Dooku. She went into hiding with the Nightsisters, but when they were destroyed she became a bounty hunter and was last seen escaping Maul and Savage in a mangled ship. She's been in an unstable position for so long that I'd like her to finally find her place in the galaxy. What that is, I have no idea, but I just want her to finally be comfortable in her own skin and sure of what she should be doing.

7. Confirmation: DO LUX AND AHSOKA ACTUALLY LIKE EACH OTHER AND GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP??? Speculation is all well and good, but right now I'd really, really, really like to know if they get together or not. If you want my opinion, I think they should, but that's just me.

6. Discovery: I know that Anakin kept his marriage a secret for about three-ish years, but I'd honestly like somebody to find out. What could be really cool would be a story arc in which someone find out about Anakin and Padme and threatens to expose the secret unless Anakin does something for him. Blackmail, basically. Or what would also be good would be if Ahsoka found out. That would be a great opportunity for us to see more of her character since she would have the option of either saying something and doing what the Jedi Order says is "right," or by staying silent. Either way, somebody besides Sidious and a handful of other in Episode III need to find out.

5. More Bounty Hunters: Dengar's not my favorite hunter, but definitely bring back Bossk, have a bunch of good Cad Bane episodes, and even bring in 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Bounty hunters are just too awesome to ignore.

4. More Underworld: While we're talking about bounty hunters and whatnot, I'd like to see more of the galaxy's underworld. I'm sure Lucasfilm is saving most of their ideas for both Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: Underworld, but they could still give us even more of a taste of what the crime world is like.

3. More Boba Fett: Everybody knows that Boba Fett is awesome. I know it. You know it. And I know he's only about twelve or thirteen during the Clone Wars, but that's almost an adult in Mandalorian terms. What I'd really, really, REALLY like to see would be Boba wrenching control of Mandalore away from Duchess Satine and returning it back to the warrior world it used to be. I know from the trailers that Death Watch is planning on doing that, but wouldn't it be cool if Boba blasted Vizsla in the head and took charge, saying that his dad would have wanted him to? I know I would be totally geeking out if that happened. For a tween, this kid is pure AWESOME!!

2. Bring On The Commandos!: There were a few shots of Republic Commandos (or RCs) in the extended Season 5 trailer, but I hope they give the commandos lots of screen time. Not just that, but I hope that Filoni figured out a way to squeeze in Delta Squad and maybe even Omega Squad (Delta's better, though... =D). Sure, Delta Squad had a brief cameo in the Witches of the Mist episode, but that's not the same as giving them their own story arc. I want Delta Squad, and I want them now! Please???? =D

1. Clone Arcs: And I mean a lot of clone episodes. Umbara was AMAZING, arguably the best CW arc to-date. And it made me want more. Especially since we're coming up on Order 66 and the clone troopers have been fighting for about three years, we need to see more of them. And I don't just mean fighting (though Captain Rex does have some cool moves). I mean that I want to see more of their day-to-day life. I want to get into their thoughts and hear what they say only in the presence of their brothers. This is, after all, the Clone Wars. Let's see more of the boys in white, please!

And that's my list. What would you guys like to see in Season 5 of The Clone Wars? =)

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. I've only seen season I, but I want to see them all (even though a lot of characters really annoy me). I'm glad Maul came back and I hope he last pretty long in The Clone Wars. I know he's not in Ep. III, but I think he's my favourite villain, so I hope he stays a bit longer...

  2. You've got some epic points there! I am curious to see how Lux and Ashoka end up. I personally don't like Lux, but I think it would be interesting for Ashoka to be in a little romance or something typical for her age. XD I liked your point about somebody discovering Padme and Anakin's marriage. That would be EPIC! And more of Boba Fett is definitely promising for a good season.

  3. I want Maul to die...*holds grudge against him cuz he killed Jinn*

    I'm in favor of:

    1. Boba Fett
    2. More Mando arcs
    3. Longer arcs
    4. More Clone arcs
    5. General epicness =P

  4. Excellent list, I agree with just about everything on this post. :) I really want some more Mandolorians in the new season.


  5. Definitely agree with all of these, especially 5, 4, and 1. 6 is a real interesting idea - I never thought of that before. I find Boba Fett extremely annoying all the way, though.

  6. YES YES YES The same as you excellent list! The luxoka one, Anidala relationship, Ventress, and Maul are the ones I'm dying to see


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