Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Love PicMonkey!

So for the Random Rant today, I'd just like to say three words: I love PicMonkey!

For those who don't know, PicMonkey is a website where you can edit all kinds of pictures for free (, if you want to check it out).

Now I'm not all that great at editing pictures - mostly because I don't have much of an eye for color and light - but, even so, I've had a lot of fun just messing around on the website. If you haven't tried it, I would totally encourage you to head on over and just start messing around with it.

So, for your enjoyment, here are some pictures I've edited on PicMonkey. Hope you like 'em!

I call this one "Blue Man" because I upped the blue on Captain Rex's armor.

I have no idea what I was doing with this picture of Commander Bly besides playing off of the yellow on his armor.

For some reason, Captain Rex just looks so awesome in red.

I was going for an ethereal look with this one, almost like a dream sequence. I have no idea if I succeeded or not, though.

This is my favoirte edit of Captain Rex. I call it "Hardlight Blue" because, well, I made the lighting hard and focused on the blue. Yeah. That was obvious....

I call this one "Nightmare" because it looks like you're just waking up and the first thing you see is Jar Jar Binks. AAAAAAAAAAH!!! *runs off screaming*

I still have no idea what I was trying to accomplish with this picture of Fives, but here it is anyway.

I'm not sure if I like this one or not. It kind makes the clones look....evil....

Sorry. I just had to!

If Rex were in an old Western I think this is what he'd look like.

Rex in red again.

This is one of my favorites. I call it "Delta Burn" because I burned the whole picture.

This one was a lot of fun to figure out. I call it "Evil Eye."

I don't really like how this one turned out, but here it is anyway. It's an HDR edit of Commander Wolffe.

An HDR burn of the Wolfpack symbol.

An HDR edit of a screenshot I took from Season Two's "Brain Invaders" episode.

Sev from Delta Squad, Warhol edit.

This one didn't turn out right either. Oh, well. A Warhol edit of Scorch from Delta Squad.

I don't play Halo, but I just couldn't resist editing a picture of the super cool looking Master Chief. This is a Warhol edit.

I. Just. Love. This. Edit! It's an HDR edit of another Halo picture, plus some other edits that I'm not remembering off the top of my head.

So that was my excursion into the wonderful world of PicMonkey picture editing, and I will most definitely be editing some more in the near future! If you like any of my edits, feel free to use them for wallpaper or post them wherever, or just stare at them. =)

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. HAHAHA The one about Anakin is my FAVORITE!! Only cause I facepalm ALL the time and I love Anakin! Good job :)

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, and facepalming is just so much fun for some reason! lol! XD

  2. Buruk the Photoshop PuristJuly 28, 2012 at 6:52 PM



    *glances at picmonkey website again*

    *shudders horribly again*

    YOU. NEED. PHOTOSHOP. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT! *imitates your style* =P heh heh heh

  3. Buruk the ClarifyerJuly 28, 2012 at 6:54 PM


    Your pictures look...good, but I was just saying that^^ because if you like photo-editing this much you should really get some REAL photo-editing software

  4. HAHAHA Facepalm leads to the dark side! LOL some very nice pictures! But get photoshop! :)

  5. The Rex in blue and Rex old west are my two favorites. :) Also the "Facepalm to the dark side" is hilarious. :D The Halo ones are awesome too.


  6. Hahahaha! Thanks, guys! :D But I'm more of a picture-editing hobbyist, plus I'm saving up for college so I'd rather not buy anything big (like Photoshop) right now. But I'm glad you guys like my pics! :D

  7. Buruk the SympatheticJuly 29, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    If possible, you should like...take some sort of photoshop class. I took Adobe CS5 and got the student edition really cheap...

    1. I think I may have to take a photoshop class for my major, but I'm not sure. We'll see! =)


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