Friday, June 29, 2012

HNED Now On Google+

Wow, I feel like I'm really chucking a lot of information at you guys today! But I suppose that's what happens when the blogger (i.e., me) takes a four day vacation at the last minute to a place that has a yucky internet connection. Ah, well. Life works that way sometimes. =D

But moving on to the point of this post, HNED is now on Google+. If you type "HoloNet Entertainment Daily" into the G+ searchbox, HNED should show up. So please look us up and add us to your circles for more updates and such.

I'd also like your guys' opinion (again =D) on the tag line I chose for the G+ page. Does "Reach the World" sound like a good tagline, or do you think something else might sound better? I was also considering "Entertainment. Smart" but I'm just not sure. Also, if you would, please let me know what you think of my podcasting idea (which I mentioned in the preceeding post). All comments and suggestions are totally welcome! =D

 - Edessa, signing off (for the last time today? lol! XD)


  1. Okay I'll go check it out now! :)

  2. I added you, although I haven't really used G+.
    "Entertainment. Smart" sounds like I have heard it some were else before, not sure were though. But I am not very good at tags lines.


    1. Yeah, I feel like I've heard it somewhere, too, but I'm just not sure where. *whispers* I'm not very good at tag lines, either. =D


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