Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New "Star Wars" Novel By Timothy Zahn

One of the best things about Star Wars, in my opinion, is the EU (Expanded Universe). The novels, guides, graphic novels, and video games all add so much to the overall experience of Star Wars, immersing fans even farther into that wonderful galaxy far, far away. There are so many stories in Star Wars, and it doesn't look like we're going to run out of tales anytime soon.

"Scoundrels" cover art
Timothy Zahn is probably the most well-known Star Wars writer this side of Coruscant. He wrote the Thrawn trilogy in the early 1990s, the Hand of Thrawn duology in the late '90s, as well as various other stand-alone novels, comic books, and short stories. His newest novel, Scoundrels, has been much anticipated by his fans, but here is the basic information for those of you who didn't know about it.

Scoundrels, the newest novel by Zahn, concerns everybody's favorite scoundrels Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian as they attempt to pull off a huge heist for a high-paying stranger. The synopsis (from Star Wars Books): "The Death Star has been destroyed. The Rebellion has had its first big victory. And Han Solo, newly conscripted to the Rebel cause, is on the run from the Empire and the bounty hunters eager to turn him in for the huge reward being offered by Jabba the Hutt. Now a mysterious stranger offers Han the resources to execute a daring robbery from a major crime lord. The mission is impossible, but the prize will make Han a free man. With no choice but to accept, Han Solo and his Wookiee partner, Chewbacca, set out to assemble a cast of rogues, knaves, and cons with the right combination of wits, skills, and derring-do to pull off an operation of this complexity and scale -- the best scoundrels the galaxy has to offer."

The novel has been described as a "rip-roaring, intergalactic, Ocean's Eleven-style heist adventure" (Star Wars Books), and that sound like a lot of fun to me.

The book will be in stores on December 26, 2012, but you can read the whole second chapter at this link: http://www.starwars.com/media/downloads/ebooks/Scoundrels_CHAPTER%20TWO.pdf

Do you think you'll read Scoundrels when it releases this December? What is your most favorite book, guide, graphic novel, or video game from the EU?

Mine would have to be the Republic Commando series by Karen Traviss, followed closely by the LEGO Star Wars games. :D

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. I wouldn't mind a review of the new X-wing book coming out this summer. It's called Mercy Kill. :D
    I am definitely buying this book. I loved both his books about Outbound Flight. Those were great. And all of the Thrawn books.
    My favorite video game is both KotOR games tied for first place hands down.
    My favorite book is Millenium Falcon.
    My favorite graphic novel is very specific... the episode of KotOR when Revan gets his mask.
    My favorite guide is the Star Wars Year by Year thing.

  2. I will probably read this since Timothy Zahn is one of my favorite authors.
    Favorite EU: Knights of the Old Republic KOTOR 2 is also great), truly amazing story should be made into a movie. Have you played the game?
    Book: The Thrawn trilogy.
    I have yet to read a Star Wars graphic noval and I can't remember the name of the guide book I have.


  3. I never was much into the EU. I like to stay faithful to the movies.

  4. That book looks good. I really like the first 2 Darth Bane books.I have not yet read the third.


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