Monday, May 14, 2012

"Avengers" #1 For Second Weekend

For the second straight weekend, The Avengers has both topped the Top Ten list and has also managed to break two more domestic records.

The Avengers
According to the Star Tribune, "'The Avengers' was the first movie ever to pull in more than $100 million domestically in its second weekend, passing the previous best of $75.6 million for 'Avatar.' The film also topped $300 million domestically Saturday after just nine days in release, beating the previous record set by 'The Dark Knight,' which hit that mark in 10 days."

The film also managed to surpass the $1 billion mark worldwide after just 19 days in theaters. It still has a ways to go before it beats the film that has made the most money ever (James Cameron's Avatar, which grossed a very cool $2,727,946,415 worldwide), but it is possible for The Avengers to beat that record as well.

So in two weekends The Avengers managed to cream three domestic box office records and make over $1 billion worldwide. If there is a sequel (and there likely will be), I wonder how it will compare.

Here are the estimated ticket sales for Friday May 11th through Sunday May 13th at U.S. and Canadian theaters (from the Star Tribune):

1. The Avengers - $103.2 million
2. Dark Shadows - $28.8 million
3. Think Like a Man - $6.3 million
4. The Hunger Games - $4.4 million
5. The Lucky One - $4.1 million
6. The Pirates! Band of Misfits - $3.2 million
7. The Five-Year Engagement - $3.1 million
8. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - $2.7 million
9. Chimpanzee - $1.6 million
10. Girl in Progress - $1.4 million

Do you think that The Avengers will be able to take Avatar's top grossing film of all time record? Or do you think that Avatar 2 and 3 (releasing in 2015 and 2016 respectively) will keep the record out of the superheroes' hands for a while longer?

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. I think The Avengers will break the record, it is a far better film than Avatar. Have you seen The Avengers?
    I also do not think that Avatar 2 will make more than the first one since the use of 3D in Avatar was new and the effects were ahead of its time. But it basically stole the plot of "Dacing With Wolves", unless James Cameron gives Avatar a original plot I do not think it will make more.


    1. Ii haven't seen "The Avengers" yet, but that's because my family usually prefers to wait to see movies until they release to Blu-Ray (I guess we're kinda cheap that way, lol! :D). I haven't see "DWW," but I personally thought that "Avatar" was very similar to Pocahontas...just with ten foot tall blue people and futuristic tanks. :)

  2. The Avengers is going to make more than Avatar. That movie has no bad comments whatsoever.

  3. I am in LOOOOOVE with the Avengers! I saw it 3 times already and am probably seeing it twice more. lol. Loki's so awesome. haha


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