Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garage Sale Randomness

Let's see, what sort of random thing could I talk about today?

Um, well, my Youth Group and I just finished doing a big garage sale fundraiser to raise money to go to Challenge this summer.

For those of you who don't know, Challange is a Christian youth conference that happens every other year in different states. My Youth Group went two years ago, and they're going again this year (it's in New Orleans this time). I would have liked to go, but my family's doing so much this summer that I would end up killing myself if I put that into my schedule as well. Maybe I'll go next time...

But even though I'm not going, I offered to help with the garage sale to help out my friends. That, and the sale was taking place at my house, so I would probably have helped out anyway. :D

It wasn't exactly a great day for a sale. It was gray and overcast all morning (we started at seven in the morning O.O) and then started raining in the afternoon. By two o'clock, it was pouring sheets of rain and it was thundering so loudly that my dog was whining and shaking like a leaf. And then the garage was kind of cold, and I slept in a bit late so my brain was not exactly working for the first half of the sale.

Even so, it was a lot of fun hanging out with my friends and knowing that I was helping them out. We made quite a bit, so that will go quite a ways to helping them meet their fundraising goal. Woot!

Well, that was a fairly random thing to talk about, but, hey, that's what my Random Rant days are about! :D

So, what did you all do this weekend? Did anyone see The Avengers?

I would write more, but right now there's a literature project that's jumping up and down and yelling at me to finish it up. *sigh* Back to the old homework race.....

 - Edessa, signing off

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  1. I did indeed see the Avengers.
    Despite some misgivings I had about it, it was very well executed.
    And I suggest staying until they do the actual credit roll. There's a bit at the end that gives a hint as to the next movie.


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