Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool's Day!

So as most of you guys figured out, my last post about cancelling HNED was nothing short of an April Fool's Day joke.  I hope I didn't freak you guys out too much (even though it was a lot of fun to read your comments about it =P).

On a very serious note, though, the HoloNet's first blogiversary is on April 20th (which is in a few days), and I have no idea what I could do to celebrate it.  So I thought I'd open it up to you guys: what do you think I should do to celebrate HNED's first birthday?

If you have any suggestions, just comment below and I'll definitely take all suggestions into consideration.  I have basically no ideas at the moment, so send all of your suggestions in!  I'm looking forward to reading what you guys all have to say.

Besides that, I'd just like to encourage you all to check out The Holocron every so often.  I'm doing a commentary of the Original Trilogy right now (The Empire Strikes Back - my personal favorite - will be coming soon) and I've got a bunch of other episodes lined up, including one on everything I'd like to see in the new Star Wars trilogy.  Also, if you're on Pinterest you should totally check out HNED's boards.  I've got quite a few of them, ranging from movie posters all the way down to some random drawings of mine.  The links for Pinterest and The Holocron (as well as HNED's Facebook page) are over there on the right hand sidebar.

And I do believe that's all I really have to say at the moment.  So what kind of pranks or tricks did you plat on your friends, family, or Followers for April Fool's Day this year?  I always like to hear stories like that because they give me a good laugh and great ideas for next year's Fool's Day.  =D

I hope you all had a great (and not too embarrassing) day!  God bless!

 - Edessa, signing off (but not for good =P)


  1. Awesome :) I guess for your blogoversary you can do a Q&A :D

  2. yeah I had a heart attack and almost died reading your last post...I actually screamed...and then I realized what day it was...

    I almost fell for so many jokes yesterday...

    But I can't wait for your blogversary!!! Yay!

  3. I was shocked when reading your post, and then I read the comments and realized you were fooling. Still...

  4. Hmmmmm....ideas. Let's see here........Blog birthday.....Key word:birthday.....birthday=cake.....Keyword:cake.......cake is always for me.....Key words: cake for me.....conclusion:You should give me cake! =P Batman logic, huh?

    All of your followers could sing Happy Birthday in the comment box?

    You could jump up on your desk, dance, and yell,"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!" in the middle of one of your college lectures?

    You could tell us about how the Scullians are in cahoots with the Borg and the plot about the bunnies. ;) Don't play dumb! You know what I'm talking about!

    Seriously, go for a commentary. Ya know, like the one you did with Ahsoka about who shot first. Personally, i think that another funny one like that would be bunny! I'd be happy to volunteer as your nutty guest! =D

  5. You totally got me with that post until I read the comments. =P



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