Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Direction

There's some big news circling around the Star Wars world, and it's most definitely worth keeping an eye on.

As all of you (hopefully) know, Disney recently bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas, including all of novels, merchandise, and television series.  While Disney is working on giving us another Star Wars trilogy - which, by the way, will also have Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford reprising their iconic roles from the original trilogy - it's also putting The Clone Wars and Detours on new tracks.

After an absolutely wonderful fifth season, Disney has sadly decided to wind The Clone Wars series down.  This doesn't mean that they're just stopping with Season Five (there are still a  few more story arcs left for them to tell), but it does mean that the series is slowly drawing to a close.  It's really sad, particularly for big CW fans like myself, but I guess I also realize that Disney would rather focus its creativity on making an amazing new trilogy of Star Wars films.  I suppose I would rather have them devote more of their efforts to that, no matter how much I love CW.

For more information on the CW issue and to see a really exciting clip from one of the upcoming story arcs, check out this video: http://starwars.com/watch/the-future-of-star-wars-the-clone-wars.html

As for the animated comedy show Star Wars Detours, Disney has decided to postpone the series release until an unspecified later date.  Their reasoning is that it doesn't "make sense" to release a comedy series before the release of Episode VII.  Honestly, that logic doesn't "make sense" to me, but I guess Disney will do what Disney will do.  Hopefully the series will release fairly soon because I, for one, am really looking forward to it.

So whether you love or hate or are indifferent to Disney's purchase of George Lucas' iconic franchise, now is still a great opportunity to support that wonderful galaxy far, far away.  Change is most definitely hard and many people (myself included) hate change, but the potential for Star Wars' growth as a franchise is very real and very possible.

Let's rally around Disney and Lucasfilm, Ltd., and encourage them to make this the greatest century to be any type of Star Wars fan!  Viva la Star Wars!

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. Yep it's sad, but I'm hopeful for the future :)

  2. Disney killed Spectacular Spider-Man when they bought Marvel and now The Clone Wars is another causality. Still angry about it.


  3. All i gotta say is this: if Disney ruins Star Wars, they could very well get mobbed by an angry, well, mob of devoted SW geeks. I would most likely not be part of said mob, but i would disregard the new trilogy as non-canon.

  4. Personally, I'm worried that Disney's going to ruin the new SW movies. *shrugs* They may not, the movies may turn out to be good, but I'm not terribly optimistic. I mean, SW just doesn't seem like the kind of movie Disney will do a good job at. But we'll see, I guess.

  5. J. J. Abrams is doing the new Star Wars. How can it NOT be good?


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