Friday, January 4, 2013

Help Needed!

So many of you probably remember that I promised to do a podcast review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Don't worry, I'm not going back on it or anything.

What's holding me up is writing the script. There's just so much stuff to talk about, and I'm having a difficult time simply outlining it. I'm seeing the movie again tomorrow afternoon (I already went to opening night), and while I was thinking about that a lightning bolt hit me in the head. Why am I beating a dead horse by continually coming at this thing using the same not-working formula? I'm gonna go at this from a different angle: answering your questions.

If you guys have time, please consider dropping a question or two or bazillion concerning the movie in the comment box, and I'll do the Hobbit podcast episode as a Q&A type of deal. That way I won't have to worry about outlining and discussing random stuff, and you guys will hear exactly what you want to hear.

Win-win, if you ask me. =)

So go ahead and ask me whatever in the world you want about the movie! Location, actors, characters, humor, dialogue, cinematography, whatever you want me to talk about concerning the movie, I'll do it. And there isn't a "maximum question limit" or whatever, so feel free to totally spam the comment box.


The only request I have is that you send me your answers by Monday January 7th. If you post a question after the 7th then it probably won't get in the 'cast.

Oh, and (if you so desire) you can ask your questions by commenting under the appropriate status update (you'll see it) on HNED's Facebook page. Just click on the Facebook icon over there *points to the right sidebar* and you'll be taken directly there.

I'll do my absolute best to answer everyone's questions and the 'cast should be up sometime around the middle of next week. I'm looking forward to all of your questions! This will be so much fun!

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. I guess I can comment here.

    So, I haven't read all the book, only the first half, so some of this might be obvious. I am wondering if the Pale Orc is later Sauron and what is that stone that the Dwarf King has at the beginning?

  2. is the 48 fps (least i think it's 48) distracting?

  3. Here are some questions.

    Who was your favorite Dwarf?

    Who did you think gave the best performance of the cast?

    What was your favorite scene?

    Did the over use of CGI opposed to practical effect of Lord of the Rings a negative for you?

    Was Martin Freeman similar to the book version of the character?

    What was the worst change from book to film?

    Who was your favorite character in the movie and in the book?

    Is the Hobbit the best film since the Return of the King?

    What did you think of the Goblin King (or Goblin the Hutt as I like to call him)?

    Was the drastic visual change of the Goblins from LOTR to Hobbit distracting?

    Did anything about the film disappoint you?

    Was the 3D impressive?


  4. These are some questions that the previous comments didn't ask yet :)
    What did you think about Kili?
    How would you compare the Hobbit to LOTR?
    What are your best scenes?
    How would you compare the book to the movie?

  5. here's one:



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