Sunday, January 6, 2013

Announcement: URL Change Coming Soon!

So I was messing around with HNED's layout and stumbled across its URL.

Good grief, that's one honkin' humungous URL!

Just so my readers don't have to remember (including remembering how many "t"s and "n"s are in there), I'm thinking it's time to reboot the URL. I'll let you know what I'm gonna change it to sometime tomorrow morning, and then Tuesday morning is when I'll be changing the URL, just so as many people as possible have time to write down the new address.

Hopefully this will be a quick and easy transition with no problems. If you can't remember what the new address is after I change it, you can Google "HoloNet Entertainment Daily" or you can always e-mail me at

Now to find a shorter URL that hasn't already been taken....

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. I think the original one is okay, but maybe it would be nice to change :) I'm thinking of changing mines too, since my brother spams my blog and teases me about it :P

  2. You might already know this but when you change your URL all of your followers will not recieve updates of your blog on the dashboard (even though their pictures on the button) until they "un-follow" and then "re-follow" the blog. That's what has happened before with other blogs that have done that in the past. Just wanted to give you a warning. :)


  3. Or people could just bookmark your blog and not have to worry about remembering the URL. =P

    And I think you accidentally pasted in your "We Are HNED" pic twice. =P

  4. @James: Oh, I did not know that. Well, that switches stuff up. =P Thanks for letting me know, though. =)

    @Buruk: *sigh* The picture uploading for Blogger has been really hating me lately. XP

  5. heeeeyyyyyy..... spamming ur older sib's blog? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    that gives me evil idea! *continued evil cackles*


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