Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The 5th Day of Christmas

On the 5th Day of Christmas my song of the day is What Child is This?

Like Silent Night and Christmas Eve/Sarajevo, What Child is This? is a well-known Christmas carol that has a pretty cool story attached to it.

When he was twenty-nine years old, William Chatterton Dix, an English writer, contracted a near-fatal disease that kept him bedridden for quite a while. He became depressed, as most people probably would, but he used his time in bed rest, not knowing if he would survive the night, to write hymns and poems. The most famous one he wrote was What Child is This?, which he put to the tune Greensleeves (if you play any sort of instrument, you've probably had to learn Greensleeves as some point. I know I did).

The carol was written in 1865 and asks the listeners who Jesus was and why He came to earth as a human. But Dix doesn't just ask and leave his audience hanging. He answers his own question by explaining how Jesus died for our sins and, as our King and Savior, deserves our praise and adoration. It's a very poignant song with a beautifully contemplative tone.

And on the 5th Day of Christmas 20th Century Fox gave to me an Epic trailer.

Well, Epic is the title of the movie, but it's also epically beautiful looking as far as I'm concerned (and, yes, this is another pre-Hobbit trailer).

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. i really like the song!!!!!

    ...."Dad? i had the most messed up dream..." XD that is funny. period.

  2. The music for Epic is, to say the least, epic. However, the movie itself it just...I don't know, my worldview in film brain doesn't like it.

  3. I just rewatched the trailer. It looks OK and even might be pretty good, because it reminds me of Redwall, but it just has that weird feel to it.

  4. Any of you ever read the children's book, the Leaf Men? 'Twas one of my favorites, and it seems like this movie is taking a lot from the book. =D

  5. I did not see Epic before the Hobbit yesterday. This looks kind of interesting, but it feels as if I have seen something like it before.


  6. *just saw you're comment asking what HFR 3D was* *is a little late in responding XD* HFR 3D stands for high frame rate 3D (they filmed The Hobbit in 48 fps, so it has twice as many frames per second as normal films), and with a higher frame rate the action will be smoother and (since they also stopped down the shutter speed) also crisper. Unfortunately, I've heard that lots of people dislike it. =P And I will definitely tell you how the IMAX 3D is. =D *can't wait for Saturday, which is when I'm going to see it*


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