Saturday, December 15, 2012

The 2nd Day of Christmas

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, sing O, Come, All Ye Faithful.

O, Come, All Ye Faithful was one of the very first songs I taught myself to play on the piano. It was pretty easy to learn because it's quite slow and really not that complicated. Basically, it's perfect for someone who can only play the piano with one hand, like me. =)

But, more than that, it's a great song that clearly praises God for sending His Son to earth as a human baby on that wonderful Christmas night 2,000 years ago.

Historically, the tune of O, Come, All Ye Faithful was written sometime in the mid-18th century, but no one actually knows who composed it. Some people think that John Francis Wade did, while others think that John Reading or Handel may have composed the tune. The words themselves were penned in the 13th century in Latin, and it was originally called Adeste Fideles. Nobody knows who wrote the words to the carol, either. St. Bonaventure may have, or King John IV of Portugal, or even some monks in Germany may have. Originally Adeste Fideles only had four verses, but three extra verses were penned by a Frenchman by the name of Abbe Etienne Jean Francois Borderies (say that five times fast!) in the 18th century.

While there aren't any cool things that happened in conjunction with this hymn (like there was with Silent Night), I personally think it's really awesome that someone wrote a song in the 1200s that we still sing today. Historical preservation is such a fascinating thing, and O, Come, All Ye Faithful really is a wonderful praise song (even though it is quite slow).

For any of you Latin readers out there, Wikipedia has Latin version of the carol posted at this link, if you'd like to look at it.

And on the 2nd Day of Christmas, DC gave to me a Man of Steel trailer.

The new Superman reboot is hitting theaters in 2013, and even though Superman usually bothers me this movie does look pretty cool. What do you guys think? =D

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. I saw Superman first on Facebook and second when I saw the Hobbit. I don't know about it. I think a reboot was a good idea. However, I am not the biggest Christopher Nolan fan and haven't seen any of Zack Snyder's other work. I might see it. Just might...

  2. Superman....where should i start? 1) he's,like, invincible (unlike Spiderman who gets beat up waaaay too much) 2) he wears his undies on the outside (which is weird.glad no one in the real world does that) 3) his costume is to-ta-lee impractical (a cape? really? and that long too? didn't Spidey say something bout capes once? didn't Edna Mode say something about the impracticality of capes in the Incredibles?) 4) how many superpowers can one dude have?!? (laser eyes, super strength, flight. he's like Metroman from Megamind) and last, but probably the worst, is 5) his hair. he looks like Elvis. i'm telling you, i'm surprised people don't say,"It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's...ELVIS!Yay! Elvis Presley just saved the world from evil! Yay!" and. that. would. be. scary.

  3. For once, I'm agreeing with Darth Talon. I have the same issues with Green Lantern...and all of DC, but that's another story.

    However, as one who has seen the original Superman movies....he really needs this reboot. I think it will be great, despite whatever reservations I have about an invincible superhero with looks that kill.

  4. his looks kill alright. like it kills my fashion sense!!!

    ...thus, for the aforementioned reasons, i think that Batman could totally crush Superman b/c he's Batman. anybody else agree?

    "You owe your life to great dental care!" XD cracks me up!

    BTW Buruk, you should always agree w/ me. ask Eddy. "A tip for the future, i'm right. Even when i'm wrong, i'm right."
    Franny Robinson
    Meet the Robinsons

  5. Adeste Fideles is one of my favorites, especially since I studied Lation in High School. :)
    Considering that Zack Snyder is directing the film, I am skeptical. His other films 300 and Watchmen were more style than substances. At least he will be limited to a PG-13 rating for Superman.



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