Friday, October 12, 2012

Skylanders Giants

Bring on the Giants!
There are some days when I just really, really wish that I had a PlayStation 3 or an XBox 360 instead of my PSP.

True, my PSP is smaller and lighter with a built-in screen, so it's much more portable than a full-sized console. So that's a win there.

But there are quite a few games - like LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, for instance - whose PSP editions are very watered down, so you don't get all of the levels or all of the content (which is all available on normal-sized consoles, by the way). That, and then there are a number of games that are only available on the larger consoles.

Like Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.

I've heard so many good things about this game, and I love the way it looks. The unfortunate thing is that I don't have a PS3 or an XBox or even a Wii, so I can't play it.

It's a big, fat bummer, and it's even more of a bummer when I find out that the new Skylanders sequel is releasing later this month.

I really gotta buy myself a full-sized console...

But for everybody else who does have a normal console, you really might want to check out this new game. It looks like it's just as much fun as the original!

Published by the ever-famous Activision and developed by Toys for Bob and XPEC, Skylanders Giants takes off where Spyro's Adventure left off.

The synopsis (courtesy of IGN): "The follow-up to the blockbuster Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, Skylanders Giants builds upon the breakthrough fundamentals of the first game, once again merging the physical and virtual realms with an innovative line of cross-platform toy figures that have 'brains,' which players everywhere can magically bring to life in the world of Skylands. This second installment of the franchise features a variety of new characters, new challenges and a thrilling new story-driven adventure."

I'm hooked. How about you?

The game introduces eight new playable characters (which are also toy figures), and they're twice the size of every other previous Skylanders character. It's called Giants for a reason, right? According to IGN, these giant characters' "in-game powers and abilites [also] reflect their colossal scale."

I'm thinking crushing and stomping are both going to have some part to play in these new characters' abilities. Skylanders, SMASH!

Some of the new Giants figurines are also coming with built-in lights that light up when they're around the Portal of Power. These characters also have some in-game benefits that the others don't and, best of all, they don't require batteries!

Besides the eight giant characters and the light-up figurines, the game is also introducing eight other regular-sized Skylanders that are all playable.

In addition to all of these figurines, Giants is one hundred percent compatible with the original Spyro's Adventure with all of your previous stats and customizations intact, new arenas, a new mode called Battle Mode, enhanced Elemental Zones, new Hero Challenges, and a bunch of other related features (information from IGN).

DISCLAIMER!: Skylanders Giants has been rated E 10+ for Everyone 10 and older by the ESRB for Mild Cartoon Violence.

Giants releases to the U.S. on October 21st - October 19th if you live in the U.K. - for the PlayStation 3, Wii, and XBox 360.

And here's the official trailer from E3:

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