Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Opinions, Please!!

I'm one of those weird, thinker kinds of people, the type who likes to think and strategize. Just ask the guys I roleplay with, or my siblings, or even my Youth Group whenever we play Ultimate Frisbee. I'm constantly creating lists of pros and cons in my head, trying to figure out patterns in what people do, throwing up strategies all the time. Sometimes all of that thinking can be quite the curse, but sometimes it's also helpful, like showing me when something just isn't working.

No, HNED is not the "something" that "just isn't working," so please don't freak out. =)

The thing that's not working is my podcast, The Radar.

The biggest issue is that, frankly, there hasn't been much of anything going on in either the film or video game industries for the past month or so. It's all just lawsuits, rumors, and gossip. Honestly, it's driving me up a wall because I'm all prepared to write a new podcast script...but then there's really nothing interesting to talk about. I don't know about you guys, but I can only take so much reading about lawsuits - much less talking about them - before I absolutely lose my mind.

I figured that out a week or two ago and, since then, I've been racking my brain for a solution. After talking with my siblings and a good friend, I think I've got something figured out, but I really want your guys' opinions on this as well before I either proceed or terminate this.

What I'm proposing is a total overhaul of The Radar. I mean, gut the whole stinkin' thing, change its direction, give it a fresh coat of paint, et cetera.

What I'm thinking of doing is, instead of using The Radar to talk about media industry news, I'll use it to talk solely about Star Wars. In effect, I'll be moving my Commentary Friday posts over to the podcast.

I can imagine that a few questions have started whirling around your head by now, so I'll attempt to answer the most obvious now:

What would you talk about on your Star Wars-themed podcast?
     I'd review new SW books (I just finished X-Wing: Mercy Kill, so there would be a whole review on that), when the new Clone Wars season starts I'd review all of the episodes, I'd talk about various SW issues, I'd talk about what I think might happen to different CW characters, I might even insert some breaking SW news, and even talk about new Star Wars: The Old Republic updates and whatnot.

What if some breaking news happens on the film/game industry front, like if Sony decides to make a PlayStation 4 or something?
     If some big industry news came up, then I would definitely post about it on HNED. That way you still stay in the loop and don't miss a thing.

If overhauling The Radar means that your Commentary Friday posts become verbal, what is going to replace your Friday posts?
     I'm not sure yet, but I did get a lot of favorable comments on my Colorado Massacre post about a month ago asking me to write more serious stuff, so I might devote my Friday posts to covering more serious issues. Don't worry, I wouldn't go into politics or anything, just posts about forgiveness, grace, that kind of stuff.

Would you still do your Star Wars news updates on Tuesdays if you change the focus of your podcast?
     Yes, I still would. Some of the bigger peices of news I might talk about on the podcast, but I wouldn't stop updating on Tuesdays.

Why, exactly, do you want to change the focus of the podcast?
     A few reasons:

1. Most of the news in the film/game industries is all gossip and lawsuits, and only a few noteworthy peices of information actually appear but it's not all that often. After a while it not only gets tedious to talk about which company is suing which employee, but it's also boring to listen to. Star Wars, though, has many more topics to talk about and is updated regularly enough that there seems to be something new and different around each corner.

2. Because of the diversity of SW topics, it will likely be easier for me to have guests on the podcast. Guests are not only awesome, but they also add spice and interesting views on the discussion topic. I'm thinking that more people would rather talk about Clone Troopers than about celebrity gossip.

3. (And this is just a theory) I'm thinking that I might get more of an audience if my podcast was switched over to a SW focus. I think more people are interested in the galaxy far, far away than they are of media news.

Would The Radar retain its name?
     I'm actually thinking that I might want to change it to The WarZone (as in "Star Wars Zone"), but I'm totally open to suggestions here.

What would happen to The Radar episodes you've already posted?
     They'd still be available for download on Internet Archive, but I'd probably delete The Radar's website so as to make room for the new podcast.

So, in the end, what I'm proposing is this:

  • The Radar would have a solely Star Wars focus, nothing else
  • I would talk about a lot of different topics on the podcast, and hopefully line up a bunch of guests
  • The Commentary Friday posts will be replaced with something else (maybe more serious posts?)
  • The Tuesday SW news updates would remain
  • Any breaking news from the film/game industries would be written in HNED posts
  • The cast's name would be changed to separate it from The Radar (possibly The WarZone?)
*whew* That was a lot.

Please let me know what you think of this idea. I am aware that there are quite a few other SW-themed podcasts out there, but I think that another one would do better and be more interesting than what I've got so far.

Anywho, I really want to know what you guys think of this? It'd be quite a big change, but I think it'd be worth it if you guys liked it. So, please, let me know all of your thoughts about this, and if something I said doesn't make sense I'll try to explain it better.'s such a curse! =D

Well, thank you for reading this ridiculously long post, and I can't wait to read your comments about this! God bless you guys!

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. I really like the idea of you doing a Star Wars podcast! I would LOVE it! and you did SO great with your serious blog and would love to see some more! I know you have a lot more to say.

  2. Buruk the Exar Kun FanAugust 22, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    Sounds like a great idea, but I would suggest further thought on the name. "The WarZone" sounds a little cliche. Maybe...

    Ossus (named after the original Jedi Archive)
    Kill Odan-Urr (*cough* personal grudge =P)
    Chu'unthor (crashed ship that provided the new Jedi Order with a ton of data tapes on the topics of Jedi Training)

    Or some other Star Wars place/ship/something. Just my thoughts...

    1. Those are good ideas! =) Does Slave 1 (after Boba Fett's ship) sound good, or would that maybe scare some people off? If any of you guys have any title suggestions, feel free to post 'em! Right now I'm kind of brain dead... XP

  3. I think the Radar's name is okay! I'm cool with you changing to Star Wars, that would be awesome. How bout try some other stuff apart from Star Wars too? The Hobbit is coming out and I want to hear your thoughts on it!

    1. That's a good idea, Solace! =D I know my sister and I are planning on seeing "The Hobbit" when it comes out, and I'm sure I will have a lot to say about it. Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely use it! =D

  4. Sounds like a great idea to me. I will definitely be listening. But I also agree with Solace, maybe something about The Hobbit and some Lord of the Rings. I believe you have previous said that it was one of your favortie movies, they are my second favorite to Star Wars.


  5. Since I love Star Wars...bring it on :)

  6. "Slave 1" sounds good, but I was going for a more of an obscure-star wars-object-with-library/academic-significance. =P

    1. Ah, ok. =) My sister, Ahsoka, suggested that I call it The Holocron. What do you guys think of that one?

  7. Holocron. i like it! but i think that you should just stick to star wars. that's just my opinion though:)

  8. The Holocron sounds ok, but I voted "Other"

    I think you should go with something like "The Edessa Holocron" ... just something to make it more specific.


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