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Clone Wars Week: Top Ten Clone Wars Villains

I've had a bad Internet connection for the past two days (on for five minutes, dies for ten, on for five minutes, dies for ten again, repeat inifinitely), so I hope this post gets through!

For today's post, I'd like to list my Top Ten most favorite Clone Wars villains!

#10. Chancellor Palpatine: The mastermind behind, well, everything. I must say, though, he seems a whole lot more slimy, threatening, and cool in the live-action movies, but he's still good in CW. The Season 5 trailer gave us a sneak peek of a 'saber brawl with Savage and Maul vs. Palpatine, plus content where Palpatine Force Chokes a couple of Mandalorians, so I think the writers of CW are going to progressively make him even more evil as the series continues. Ugly though he is, I don't think there would have been much of a Star Wars story without him.

# 9. Count Dooku: I've never really been much of a Count Dooku fan, even though he was played by the amazing Christopher Lee in the Prequels. He always just seems so stuck up and proud to me, but his curved lightsaber is awesome as is his continually calm manner. Usually I imagine Sith as the always angry say-the-wrong-thing-and-I-will-crush-your-puny-little-trachea kinds of people, and while Dooku definitely does that sometimes he is also calm and collected in a very sinister sort of way. Besides his Sith name, Tyrannus, is pretty awesome, if you ask me.

#8. Pre Vizsla: This guy reminds me a lot of Dred Priest and Isabet Reau, two Death Watch members who trained clone commandos on Kamino (according to the uber awesome Republic Commando series). Those two were sadists in every sense of the word (forcing young clones to engage in fight clubs is definitely sadistic), and Vizla is a lot like them. Case in point, the Season 4 episode A Friend in Need showed Vizla tricking Lux Bonteri into trusting him and then almost completely wiped out a whole settlement of enslaved villagers. If that isn't sadistic, I don't know what is. He would definitely be closer to number one on my list if he had been a true Mandalorian instead of Death Watch. DW may have cool armor and weapons but, honestly, the real Mandos are just a gazillion times better.

#7. Savage Opress: Zabraks are one of my favorite species, so bonus points for Savage in that area. He has some awesome moves, he managed to break away from the control of both Ventress and Dooku (and managed to escape them alive), and he's like Death with a double-bladed lightsaber. Plus I feel so sorry for him because of his Nightbrother upbringing and because he was forced to kill his younger brother, Feral. The only problem is that he's very dependent on other people and doesn't take charge himself. If he's not following Mother Talzin, he's following his other brother Maul. That, and he's basically an uncontrollable, brutal monster with anger management issues. Maybe someone needs to cut down on his sugar intake.... XD

#6. Asajj Ventress: A Dathomirian who became a Jedi Padawan but then embraced the Dark Side and became Dooku's personal assassin, until he tried to have her killed and she turned bounty hunter. She's a good lightsaber combatant, her background is intriguing, and I love the quips she and Kenobi throw at each other during their deuls. However, since her turn to a bounty hunter career and the fact that she saved Kenobi from Savage and Maul in the Season 4 finale, she seems to have become more of a good guy than anything. I guess we'll see if she remains a hunter or if she goes back to the Dark Side in Season 5.

#5. Cad Bane: Bane is probably one of the coolest bounty hunters out there. This guy is inventive, hard to kill, hard to outsmart, and is always one step ahead. With help, he managed to escape from the Republic's highest security prison, broke Ziro the Hutt out of another secure Republic prison, and looks awesome while he's doing it. Plus he survived the Box, which is a feat in and of itself. And who doesn't just love his hat, his jet boots, and how he looks and acts uncannily like Clint Eastwood from A Fistful of Dollars?

#4. General Grievous: A Kaleesh warlord who became a cyborg and now leads the Separatist armed forces as the Supreme Commander. He can weild four lightsabers simultaneously, or a few lightsabers and a blaster, or basically anything else. I tend to feel sorry for him because of his breathing troubles, but it doesn't seem to faze him too much. His droid shell is also extremely awesome (and frightening), and while he does retreat quite often, he's still very cunning and knows when to run and when to fight. And Grievous has the best pet on the planet...a cybernetically enhanced roggwart named Gor.

#3. The Son: Whether this guy is human or not is beyond me, but The Son is an embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force. He is purely, completely evil and kept in constant check by his Father. In fact, he loves no one except his sister, The Daughter, even though she is an embodiment of the Light Side. The Son has an epic black costume, he can shapeshift, he briefly turned Anakin to the Dark Side by showing him his future as Darth Vader, and he also kidnapped and briefly turned Ahsoka to the Dark Side. With the death of The Daughter and the weakening of The Father, The Son grew stronger and stronger, though he was eventually killed. Plus, he's incredibly cute. *nods* =D

#2. Pong Krell: If there's one character in all of mass media that makes me really, really, REALLY mad, it's Krell. This four-armed jerk was a secret Separatist agent who briefly took over Anakin's 501st Legion on Umbara and tried to destroy all of the clones there via subtle means. He sent them on suicidal missions, he talked flippantly about them when they died, he ordered the execution of two of them (Fives and Hardcase), refused to listen to anyone but himself, sent his men to kill each other unknowingly, and then killed many himself before being executed by Dogma. This guy is just downright evil and, while he's a good villain, he makes me so mad. Everytime I see his face, I want to scream, "Execute Order 66!" And, thankfully, the 501st did (though it wasn't called Order 66). Good riddance.

#1. Darth Maul: Now I know that there are many people who think that Lucasfilm made a huge mistake by having Darth Maul continue to live even after being vivisected by Kenobi in Episode 1, I still think it was a stroke of brilliance. This guy is awesome! Not only is he a Zabrak, but he is incredibly disciplined, he knows how to make a point (like when he killed all of those village children in the Season 4 finale to get Kenobi to come and find him), and he fights like a boss! And if you put Savage with him? Well, that's enough to give every Jedi nightmares. Sam Witwer (voice of both Starkiller and The Son) also does Maul's voice, and he does an epic job at it, too! Definitely villain #1 in my book!

Who are your favorite CW villains?

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. The Son for sure! that is one epic dude right there!!!!

  2. I think my number one favorite is pretty obvious *nods feverishly*, but my other favorites are definitely General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Sidious, and Aurra Sing.

  3. Now this is an awesome list!!! :D

  4. Glad you are OK with Maul coming back, there are too many that are really angry about it. I guess Savage Opress and Cad Bane are my favorite original villain from the series.


    1. Yeah, it's kind of sad that it's so hard to find a fellow "Star Wars" fan who agrees with Maul coming back. I mean, it makes sense to me. If Darth Sion could keep his body together with hate and the power of the Dark Side, then Maul undoubtably could to, right? =)


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