Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock

Dr. Who is one of those shows that everybody tells me I have to see but that I never actually get around to seeing. I don't know much about it, other than there's this guy who does a lot of time travel and his name is Dr. Who. Personally, I don't like time travel all that much (mainly because my brain tends to overheat because I'm trying to figure out how in the world that could work and exactly what kind of ramifications time travel would have on history).

But for those of you who do like time travel and Dr. Who, then the new video game Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock will probably be just up your alley.

A screenshot from Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock
Developed by Supermassive Games and published by BBC Multimedia, Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock has a very interesting combination of 2D and 3D. All of the cutscenes are 3D, but the game itself is played as a 2D side-scroller. "Made using the Unreal 3 engine it's a mixture of platforming, puzzling and exploration that's lightly reminiscent of the likes of Shadow Complex - but Supermassive's been smart enough to make sure all those elements serve the licence well" (EuroGamer).

The plot, from EuroGamer: "The Tardis has crashed, leaving you stranded and allowing Matt do what he does best, manically tending to chattering brass devices and dancing around like a drunken octopus. It's present-day London that the Doctor finds himself in, exiting the Tardis to a handsomely realised Bank of England. It's a part of London that you'll get to know well over the course of The Eternity Clock, as it's all set within the same locale, but across four different eras..."

Dr. Who offers both single and two-player modes, and no worries, Who fans: EuroGamer promises that the game is "...a smart and thoughtful handling of the source material."

The game was originally planned to be released on June 30th, but it has been postponed for now. I'll let you know as soon as I find out when it will release. It will be available for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

DISCLAIMER!: Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock has not yet been rated by the ESRB, but will likely be rated E +10 or higher.

Here is the trailer for the game:

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  1. A few things.

    1) His name is not Doctor Who. It is simply The Doctor. And furthermore, that is not actually his name. Just his title. He doesn't tell anyone his name. Well, okay, almost no one. There is one person who knows it. But that's a minor detail. ;)
    2) Doctor Who is an amazing show. <3 Especially the two season with David Tennant. Seriously. The content of the episodes is pretty good - exciting, suspenseful, varying between hilarious and heart wrenching. But honestly, the reason the series is so good is the characters. The Doctor... the lonely Time Lord who lost his own home and now has 'adopted' humans... his slowly learning to love and live again because of different companions (but one in particular). And the companions as well: their stories. How traveling with the Doctor changes them. It's really about the characters. And seriously... Tennant is an amazing actor.

    Anyway... yea. Just had to drop a quick note. ;)

    ~An Avid Whovian

    1. I guess I shoulda done some research on that before I wrote the intro. Ah, well. lol! :D

  2. I have seen, maybe, six Doctor Who episodes. I think this game will be awesome though.

  3. I have been a fan of the TV series since the new one started in 2005 and I have watched every episode. Although I probably will not be able to get the game since I think it is only on the PS3 and PC (I don't buy many games for the PC). But if it comes out on the Xbox-360 I might buy it.



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