Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebration VI Guest Update

The ultimate Celebration guest!
A new guest is slated to appear at Celebration VI this summer, the man who played the Emperor himself: Ian McDiarmid.

I'll give you a moment to totally hyperventilate.


Done? Good. :)

For most Star Wars fans, Darth Sidious/The Emperor is the very face of cunning evil, the masterminding Sith who not only conquered most of the galaxy but almost totally eliminated the whole Jedi Order as well. While McDiarmid doesn't usually attend conventions, he has agreed to be part of Celebration VI this August. He will be at autographing sessions in the Autograph Hall, and "he will also appear on stage in special behind-the-scenes programming, offering attendees a rare opportunity to hear about the making of Star Wars from his perspective" (starwars.com). If you plan on attending the Celebration (which is August 23-26 in Orlando, Florida), remember to take the opportunity to meet the actor behind one of the best evil masterminds in film history.

To see the whole guest list, go to this link at the official Celebration VI website:


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