Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome to the Hub!

Welcome to the HoloNet Entertainment Daily hub! I am Edessa, and I will be your blogger from here on out!

This blog will cover three basic topics:

  • Upcoming Movies
  • Upcoming Video Games
  • Star Wars

Concerning the first two topics, I (personally) love learning about movies and video games long before they are released. In my experience with a similar blog, a lot of other people like to know about upcoming films and games as well. So every Wednesday I will be posting about one or more upcoming movies (some of which are so new they're still in the Development phase), and I will do the same thing on Thursdays with video games.

Now about Star Wars. You, reader, are looking at one of the biggest Star Wars geeks on the planet.


I talk about Star Wars. All. The. Time. I watch the movies so many times that I can actually quote many of the lines. I read Star Wars novels. Wookieepedia is my best inanimate friend. I dress up as Star Wars characters for Halloween. I watch The Clone Wars every week.....

.....In everyday terms, I am a geek. A die-hard.

And I love it! :D

So if films, video games, and Star Wars are all loves of yours, then please join me in the HoloNet Entertainment Daily hub and let the geekness flow! :D

 - Edessa, signing off

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