Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Star Trek 2

While I am a big Star Wars fan, I also have a soft spot in my heart for Star Trek. After all, I was first introduced to sci-fi by watching ST with my dad. The Next Generation has always been my favorite of all five ST series, followed closely by Deep Space 9, but I've never really gotten into the original series with Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock.

Maybe the new ST  movie will change my mind.

In 2009, the eleventh Star Trek film was released to a total of 3,849 theaters and made $76.5 million in its opening weekend. That is quite a bit more than any other ST film has made on opening weekend. The closest contender in 1996's First Contact (one of my favorite movies because I just love Borg!), which made $30.7 million on its opening weekend.

For those of you who didn't see it, Star Trek "explores the early Starfleet careers of future Enterprise officers Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Amanda Grayson, Uhura, McCoy, Sulu, and Chekhov" (Movie Insider). Most people liked the film, and Rotten Tomatoes - an online company that rates films - gave the film a 95% Fresh rating after compiling a total of 292 reviews from critics. Polled audiences gave it a 91% Fresh rating.

Now J.J. Abrams, the director of 2009's Star Trek and the creator of the TV series Alias, is attempting to continue that success with a twelfth ST film.

A scene from Star Trek 2
Directed by J.J. Abrams and distributed by Skydance Productions, Star Trek 2 has been in production since January 15, 2012, in LA. All of the 2009 cast have reprised their roles, including Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zarchary Quinto as Dr. Spock, and Karl Urban as Bones. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the unnamed villain, though he might be playing the infamous Khan because Benicio Del Toro was formerly in talks to play that villain. The official plot has not yet been released by Skydance Productions, but Star Trek 2 will continue where Star Trek left off. ST 2 will also be filmed in 3D, and the movie will be in theaters nationwide on May 17, 2013. No worldwide date has yet been released.

Can ST 2 continue in the success of its predecessor, or will this be one of those films that was better left on the notepad? I guess we'll have to just wait and see.

So do you think that Star Trek 2 will be Good (3-4 stars), Bad (1-2 stars), or Ugly (so bad that it couldn't even get a dying star)? What do you think of the villain possibly being the infamous Khan?

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. *ahem*
    Dr. Spock?
    It's Mr. Spock. I guess you never did into TOS. :P

  2. Huh. I had not heard they were making another movie. Interesting.

    My dad loved Star Trek when he was younger, and the first series I watched was the original one. And I liked it. But after watching Next Generation... I'm sorry, but the original series just doesn't compare :P And it probably doesn't help that Patrick Stewart was a Shakespearean actor, which makes him doubly epic.

    I've only seen First Contact and The Wrath of Khan, movie-wise. And they were both decent. I didn't think the new movie looked very good. So it'll be interesting to see what they do with this next one.

  3. First Contact is the best Star Trek movie. Generations was good. Those both have TNG actors, though, and is just a lot better than the others. Undiscovered Country wasn't that bad either. It seemed more like one long TOS episode that was actually decent.
    Deep Space Nine is my favorite, though. Haven't watched Voyager or the new Enterprise, but I plan to!

  4. I have been reading about this sequel since the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek. I actually really liked J.J.'s first Star Trek movie. I hope the sequel will be just as good.
    Also Benedict Cumberbatch should be excellent at anything he is in, he was great as Sherlock in the TV series. :)



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